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About QU_ET

Who we are

QU_ET is a Latvian-based company passionate about promoting active and healthy living through cycling. We firmly believe that cycling is more than just a mode of transportation - it's an opportunity for people to stay fit, maintain good health, and contribute to a sustainable planet. Our electric bicycles are designed to inspire people worldwide to easily incorporate cycling into their daily routines, delivering positive feelings and promoting longevity through regular exercise.

OUR expertise

QU_ET was founded by combining 10 years of manufacturing expertise with 3 years of bike-building passion. The result was the creation of the Unfair Advantage e-bike - the solution that helps you stay in shape while allowing you to move around the city more easily, quickly, and efficiently than on a regular bike.

 supply chain

At QU_ET, we prioritize delivering an exceptional riding experience to our customers. We maintain a rigorous focus on safety and quality management throughout our global supply chain to achieve this. 

service and support

We value the significance of your ride, as it is an integral part of your healthy lifestyle. That's why we are on the way to establishing a widespread network of authorized service providers globally, ensuring you have access to outstanding maintenance and repair services. At the heart of our mission is providing superior customer service and support, which means you can always rely on us to be there whenever you need us.

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